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Don’t be scared! Our "hombre de la muerte", the highlight of our label has been known to frighten off one or two folks. The fact is you've arrived at a safe place. The home of the Safe for Gringos initiative for sauces and foods. It's not enough that we've tamed the wild chipotle—we've also made this small miracle easy to get. That's right, no more chasing wild chipotles, and our patented process makes sure no peppers are harmed. More importantly your mouth won't need an insurance policy. A balance between smoke and fire
doesn't overwhelm food: it heightens flavour. Plenty of sauces
dare you to try them. Our sauces dare to be different.

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“Amazing sauce!”

“Enhances everything!”

“Might be the best sauce on Earth!”

“This is a miracle condiment!”

Your Mexico… “ I have to say, the thing that struck us was the spontaneous gatherings. They would transform into lunches and dinners and extend into the evening. I wondered, which came first — the cuisine or the camaraderie? Delicious food was certainly the center of gravity, and it rubbed off on us.