Our sauces lead adventurous lives. They travel broadly, befriended a whole continent and make their way to you. Let us introduce ourselves, so we can introduce them.

Oh my gosh we love food! "That's fair," you'll say — "so do we, but do you discriminate?" Well… in our travels, our family has indulged in fine cuisine but never been above a fast food run on occasion. Like most, we live somewhere in between — in the midst of a modern life. The distractions are plentiful, so we have a secret weapon!

Your Mexico… “ Victor was a school chum from Mexico City. He had always said that the best known chilis in Mexico, the Jalapeño and the Serrano, had a lot going for them. Some other varieties, like the Chilaca or Guajillo, felt more like Mexico's own. Victor's dad, Victor Sr., was the expert though. He was a chef and restauranteur who had a devotion to regional foods. After a spectacular meal, I asked him if his secret had to do with chilis, "No secret" he said: 3 of the 5 courses used home-smoked Chipotle.

Daily meals are rituals for rebalance and reconnection. We experiment. New taste experiences can take the form of rediscovered traditional recipes, or imaginitive new combinations. Our lesson to our two daughters… be receptive to new flavours. Our daughters gift to us? Their suggestion that we share this sauce.

Did I mention we love food? We're convinced it radiates positive energy. One effect — we find ourselves in the company of others with the same love of meal times. On one occasion — friends from Mexico turned our world upside down. A simple Mexican torta, some seasoned beef, fresh crisp lettuce, cream cheese and sour cream — all on a Ciabatta bun. Sounds good? Absolutely, but there was something extra. A thin drizzle that set this sandwich into the stratosphere. Never has so little done so much to impress.

A long time ago… in a region known as Teotihuacan, someone tried something. The familiar capsicum family of peppers, including the zesty jalapeño, had long been dried in the sun to preserve and concentrate flavour. One day, “someone” chose to speed things up and smoke-dry the peppers. It worked. The peppers dried faster, but they were ugly. It may have looked like a failure. Perhaps just add them to a sauce? Sneak them into the evening meal…







Your Mexico… “ Our timing was perfect — Mexico’s Mardi Gras was underway when our plane touched down and we were plunged into the revelry right away. We were hearing music all over the city. All the colourful costumes, dancing and friendly folk put us in the spirit of the place right away. Then there was the delicious food. It seemed like everything was set to an open flame. This was no suburban backyard barbecue — these were fire pits, traditional wood fire clay ovens, and teams of brilliant cooks. Food preparation was as fun as the party. Smokey aromas were everywhere, the flavours were astounding.

The rest is history. It was ancient undocumented history however, so thanks for your patience. This man, woman, or intergalactic messenger has left us the warmest, smokiest, most delicious complement to food we've ever tasted. We pay tribute to our nameless hero with the immortal El Hombre Muerte.

Our family found kindred spirits in Mexico. They all lead busy modern lives. The final test of our recipes saw them reintroduced to their country of origin. "Immensely gratified” is the only way to describe our feelings about the local response. We had done it right.

It may be a little counterintuitive, but taking food seriously makes time for fun, common ground and conversation. A rich flavour from the past stepped up, turned off our phones, sat us down, and gave us reason to celebrate the moment.

If we can claim some small part in passing this warmth along, it is a true pleasure.